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Client testimonials

Luke, 31 - Berlin


I started working with Ciaran because I wanted to take my triathlon training to the next level, and I recognised I needed someone to push me.


What Ciaran especially gave me was accountability for my training sessions. When I was just setting my own goals, I could miss some, no big deal. But with Ciaran there in my mind I always felt accountable  to my goals and would make sure to keep it up. This program even worked well remotely, with a heavy work schedule.


In the end I was able to cut almost 15 minutes off my 40km cycle leg of the race, and I improved my run  time too! 

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David - 27, London.

I'm currently training for a full Ironman in July of next year. Having Cahill Coaching in my corner has been invaluable. I'd trained myself for other Triathlons and Ironman 70.3 before, but when I took the leap to go for a full Ironman, I wanted to be 100% sure in my training. I'm currently 6 months into my training plan and couldn't be happier. My fitness has reached levels I didn't think were possible and I sleep soundly at night knowing I'm not going to over train, all of the confusion and guesswork has been taken away and I can't wait for raceday!

Brett and Ali (50), Sydney.

We had a goal, and Ciaran was a large part of helping us achieve that. We have full confidence he can help you achieve yours. We started our journey at age 50 with a host of underlying injuries but still through Ciaran diligent and careful training we overcame our limitations and achieved our goal of climbing to Everest Basecamp. Ciaran has a lively personality and confidence inspiring demeanour. He is always encouraging and will know how to push you without breaking you! He not only got us to achieve our goal but we did it quite confidently and due to him tailoring the training to what was needed for this 14 day adventure, we remained injury free. We would recommend Ciaran to help you reach your fitness goal. 

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Alex, 28 London.

Working with CC for my half-marathon training was eye-opening in terms of the improvements that I was leaving on the table.


The level of effort that went into the workouts, as well as the weekly tuning based on how the running went, ensured that I could hit the goals I wanted. The program was the first time I could improve consistently without any injury - and the workouts are definitely not easy!

Daniel, 38 - London

have been on a running programme with Ciaran for around 6 weeks now in preparation for an event, the results already are immeasurable from where I thought I would be. The scientific approach and support from Ciaran has given me the confidence to trust the process and run at a pace and distance that I wouldn’t have been able to do myself. I should be in great shape for my event courtesy of Ciaran and his programme! Highly recommended for anyone who is training for an event or just got flat with their own training programme. Thanks Ciaran!!!

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Ciaran is a true professional. If you set a goal, he’s deadly serious about enabling you to reach it, with a training plan and frequent check-ins to fine tune as you go. He’ll keep you motivated even when the training feels impossible or if you are struggling with time commitments. With Ciaran’s coaching, I ran my last marathon 8 minutes faster than the previous one and hit my targeted time right on the minute. 

Faizal, London

Jacob, 22 - London

"I took Ciaran on as I was struggling with recurrent IT band issues, preventing me from training and racing triathlon. After a week of assessment, Ciaran developed a tailored strength programme that helped to address specific areas of weakness and imbalances. To make the most of this strength programme, Ciaran ensured I was getting in enough protein each day (something I struggle with as a vegetarian), a change that has truly transformed my training inside and outside of the gym. My legs feel stronger than ever.

Ciaran is a coach who listens and makes adjustments based on your feedback, something that has given me continuous faith in my rehab journey (alongside the expertly structured training sessions). For this reason, I decided to take on Ciaran for another three months in order to get back to competing in (and enjoying) the sport I love!” 

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