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Strength, endurance and wellness coaching for busy professionals.


I help time pressured people prepare for their chosen event. My goal is to make you faster whilst giving you the tools for pain free movement, forever. 


Bespoke services for those seeking improved running/cycling performance, strength, mobility, and  resilience.


Achieve your goal at your next event or I'll work with you for free until you do.

Book a consultation call below.


Steps to success

Assess foundations: current physical level, mindset, movement imbalances/injuries. 

Benchmarking: set cardiovascular thresholds - identify “easy wins” within physiology.

Enhance physical capacity: unique load management and interval programming, strength and mobility coaching, nutrition advice.

Fine Tuning: custom peaking and de-loading process to prepare for race-day.

Raceday: Pacing, Fuelling, Mindset.


How it works

Have a 10k/marathon/Ironman in the calendar you need to prepare for? Zero time or knowledge about how to beat your PB or just get to the end? My service delivers you to your start line in the best shape possible. Huge emphasis is placed on individuality and injury prevention, leaving no stone unturned in determining the perfect training method for you. 


Here, your training works to fit in with your busy life, not the other way round.


Working closely together we will identify the barriers to your success and implement a plan to break them down. You may have a previous injury, you may never have attempted an endurance event before, or you might want to remove the stress and hassle of agonising over every detail.

Working with Cahill Coaching guarantees success at your next event, or I'll coach you for free. Book a consultation call to find out more


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